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Welcome to my Page! <3


LatchKeys Concept Art

Recent Works Spotlight

✧・゚:*Original *:・゚✧

::LatchKeys:: Garden Concept by Jotaku ::LatchKeys:: Aerpelli Winter Paint by Jotaku ::Original:: Winter Jotaku by Jotaku ::LatchKeys:  Guardian colored ver by Jotaku

✧・゚:*Commissions *:・゚✧

::Trade:: Mithe for Coylele by Jotaku ::Commission:: Vaniraa 2 by Jotaku ::Commission:: boss-hog by Jotaku ::Commission:: Akelkok by Jotaku


::The Lorax:: Oncie n Greedler by Jotaku ::Homestuck:: Human Nepeta by Jotaku ::Brave:: Merida Speedpaint by Jotaku ::Homestuck the Anime:: Enter Davesprite -CLICKPLZ by Jotaku

Jotaku Corner




::Personal:: Lune Istar by Jotaku
::Personal:: Lune Istar
Got this child in a trade a while back, and finally got around to drawing him. ;w;

I'm a bit clueless on the details as of yet, but I'm going with the idea that Istar suffered severe damage to his wings at a point earlier in his life. It messed up his ability to fly and left his floating sporadic at best. Without proper use of his wings to support the magic that allows him to hover, he is prone to falling often. This is the reason behind all his scars and almost constant bandages covering his lower legs.

Not being able to fly? Yeah, that's messed him up. He's overall a sad, little cupid, and best described as 'pouty.' He's shy and very cautious of the world around him after his injury. Istar lives in the mindset of being a small, powerless creature up against a world bent on screwing him over.

Not sure what I want him to "do" but I know I want him to live in a smaller, ivory and grey stoned city. /strokes chin

Cupids are a closed species belonging to quesozombie
::Commission:: elissinia by Jotaku
::Commission:: elissinia
~3 hour painting for elissinia 
THO IT ended up being more like 3.5 I think.... /shrug
ANYWAY had a lot of fun with this dude, and especially like how all his eyes turned out!

Thank you so much as always! <3
::Adoptables::  Blakrye Auction [Closed] by Jotaku
::Adoptables:: Blakrye Auction [Closed]
Oh my gosh one of those moments where I felt like doodling something easy and not-owed as a little break to myself??  And before I knew it I kinda went a little overboard and yeah;;
Let's give this guy a good home! 

This is also cross-posted to FA:…



★Please make sure to read the Adoptable ToS linked above before buying!  It is at the bottom of the journal.
★Auction will be ~24 hours; start now and end Thursday 6th @ 7pm pacific.
★Paypal only; whole dollar increments only; minimum increment $2.
★20 min snipe guard
★Serious bidding only!  Any backing out will result in a suspension from my next auction.
★Payment must be sent within 24 hours from auction ending.
★Once payment is received, the buyer will get a larger, sans watermark version!

Starting bid: $20
Winning bid: $120 by DresdenComplex @ FA
Autobuy: $200

(PS. This blakrye dyes its hair ;3c )


Journal Entry: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 11:53 PM
Commission Price Guide, Info, and Form
Commission ToSCommission FAQ

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~START JOURNAL

WOW IM GONNA BE TABLING AT SAKURACON!!!  This is my first time tabling ever fjdlk;sd GOD IM SO EXCITED IM SCREAMS!!!! AAAAA!!!!!
But okay, got any advice??

Like, list of things I should know, keep in mind, prepare for??  Things I should make sure to have/bring?  Any suggestion of number of different prints, how many of each, etc?  Prices??

I've heard bigger prints are typically more popular, as well as things like buttons and charms.  I already have charms I want to try and get going, so that I def plan to have.

I mean, I've attended cons lots of times.  But I've never been on the artist side of it, and don't really know what to expect
I'd like to get the jump on planning now, so that I'm not fUMBLING TO GET IT TOGETHER month before con, y'know??


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END JOURNAL

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Skin based off of kiraga-neko's skin.


About Me!

Heyoooo Jotaku here!
Often known as Jo or Jojo.

I'm 21, female, and currently living in Oregon. I do not attend school at the moment, but reaaaallly wanna attend Digipen. *3*

I'm a fandom dabbler; if it's really popular chances are I've seen/read/watched it and may or may not do fanart here and there. Mostly my gallery's com work cuz hey artist's gotta make a living! I reserve my dA gallery mostly to finished works. Keep an eye on scraps tho, who knows what'll end up there.

Currently I am working on a Project called LatchKeys. It will be a game and comic and pretty much is consuming my every waking thought right now. You can find art of it in my gallery under the LatchKeys folder. There is a tumblr (latchkeyscomic) but it is u/c at this time.

Places to find me:

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AIM: JotakuTako
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Shadow of the Colossus Stamp by kayla-silvercatfinal fantasy 7 stamp by Makt91Rock Lee Stamp by Baka-Monkey
:thumb88372604:Albel Fan Stamp by charry-photosTyki Mikk stamp by Kurubby


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